Having a house sit on the market for months or years without a single offer can be a nightmare. For most homeowners, putting up their home for sale can prove to be stressful. In most cases, a quick sale is neither a guarantee or impossible. It really is all is about knowing what it takes to have the house ready to show at a moment’s notice and then marketing and pricing it correctly. So, with that in mind, below are five very common mistakes that you want to avoid when listing your home to make sure your house sells as quickly as possible.

1. Opting To Do It Alone
As attractive as Do-It-Yourself home selling might sound, selling a home really is not that easy. There are certain elements of real estate marketing that best met by employing the services of a real estate agent and broker. Homeowners seeking to sell their property will think that all they need to do is take a couple of pictures and then post them online to advertise their home, and potential buyers will come running. Unfortunately, only after a lot of time has gone by do many ‘Sale-By-Owner’ DIYers find out that they would have got much further by working with a real estate agent.

Finding good and qualified buyers in the real estate market is a game of numbers and wits, and only the top and experienced real estate agents will be a cut above the rest in seeking out highly targeted potential buyers and avoiding the tire-kickers. Going at it alone probably reduces the chances of selling your house quickly and/or selling it at a lower price than you might have if you’d worked with a seasoned real estate agent.

2. Picking The Wrong Realtor
Unless your home is located in a market that has a high demand such that pretty much anybody could sell a home in that area, you need to make sure you choose the right real estate agent to market your home. When hiring a real estate agent, your final decision is not something to take lightly. Don’t cut corners by automatically hiring your cousin who is a real estate agent or a close friend to help you sell your home; well, not unless these are professional in the real estate sector with a fantastic track record. When you sell your home you want to sell it as quickly as possible for as high a price as possible. So an experienced agent who specializes in selling homes in your area, is more likely to have potential buyers who are looking for your type of home to buy, or at the very least know how to attract such a buyer. Selling your home is a business proposition, and with that in mind, sometimes it really is better to keep business separate from your personal relationships and to hire someone who is unrelated to you.

So the advisable thing to do is to hire an experienced realtor, someone who is familiar with your neighborhood so that they can help you price your home correctly. It should be an agent who sells properties on a regular basis, not a few houses scattered over a period or one or two years. The realtor you hire should be aware of the current trends in the market and will advise you accordingly on the chances of a fast and profitable sale.

3. Overlooking The Importance Of Home Staging
When listing a home in the real estate market, posting high quality pictures is crucial to getting people interested in your property. Good photographs will aid in having prospective buyers connecting with your home, and this improves the chances of them wanting to come and see the home in person. Staging your home correctly, will not only be great for the property photographs and/or virtual tour but also improve the chances of your home impressing would be buyers when they pay a visit.

Staging should include carrying out a few upgrades such as painting the walls, decluttering and cleaning up the property, and maybe bringing in different types of furniture and décor items to make the home feel warm, more spacious and welcoming to prospective buyers. Get the staging right, and it will help create connections that impress potential buyers by making them think that the property was well-cared for, and they will not have to put in a lot of work after buying the place.

4. Forgetting About The Outdoor Spaces
Your efforts to have an interior that will win over prospective buyers should also be echoed on the outside of your home because that is going to be the first thing the buyers will see when they come to view the property. The exterior of the house should definitely be aesthetically pleasing, so would-be buyers are entering the home with a positive mindset. The roof should not have missing shingles or have leaks, and the exterior paint should be clean and as unmarked as possible. An unsightly home exterior creates the impression of a neglected home, and this puts potential buyers on their guard and are going to be more meticulous with their judgements when they walk into the property.

Also, do not forget to fix up the garden. Piles of dried leaves on an overgrown lawn and overgrown bushes will be warning buyers that it might take a lot of work to keep the outdoor spaces looking their best. Hire a professional landscaper to give your garden a makeover if you have to. This could be a great investment that will increase your chances of a quicker sale and perhaps help you get the price that you’re asking for.

5. Overpricing Your Home
Lastly, mispricing the property is one of the most common mistakes many homeowners make. In most cases, this is often a misinformed decision that will usually set the price too high (or sometimes too low). A very high price tag will have you running the risk of scaring off a lot of  qualified prospective buyers who can afford the home at the realistic price that it will eventually be professionally appraised for, and your home will sit on the market longer than it perhaps shouldn’t. A real estate agent and broker are experienced in helping home sellers set their initial asking prices so that they can attract as many serious buyers as possible and have a good chance of the home being appraised at that asking price. Some agents will suggest an unrealistically high price just to attract home sellers and to get them to use their services. But you do have to be aware that this tactic could lead to a lot of wasted time for everyone involved. Ideally, you should get an initial market value from a few real estate agents, so you have a much better idea of what is a realist market value, and then hire the real estate agent that you feel will do the best job in marketing your home. Pricing a home is a skill best left to the experts and speaking to an experienced real estate agent to do this is probably your best bet.

If you’re thinking of selling your home here in Southwest Florida, I would love to spend a few minutes with you so we can discuss your needs, and so I can advise you on the next steps that you should consider before putting your house on the market. I can be reached at the number above, or alternatively you can send me a message via my Contact Me page and I will be sure to get back to you.

About Jenna Scharf

Jenna is originally a native from Michigan and moved to Fort Myers in 2010. After moving to Southwest Florida Jenna decided to pursue her passion and become a realtor. Jenna is passionate about helping to make her clients' dreams come true when it comes to buying the property of their dreams. If you would like your own little piece of Florida paradise then Jenna is waiting for your call.